Tuesday, 2 May 2017

My Problem/Solution Report

Ms. Porcari has again given our class a new task; this time a task I have never done before. She told the class to write a problem/solution report and I will show you my problem/solution report so you can see the structure of it and so you know what a problem/solution report is.

Bullies, bullies, bullies, they have to stop, but that doesn't give victims the right to kill them! Kids and teens should not be able to obtain weapons, even if they can be trusted. During 2013, the rate of intentional deaths involving weapons was 8 per 100,000 15- to 19- year olds. This year, there’s already been more than 450 deaths in the USA! Doesn't matter the situation, no weapons for kids - young adults.

My begining solution is that there shall be no weapon shops.  All weapons shall be sold in the gouvernement other than knives. Knives will be unmovable by hand from their block and if you are buying a knife block, a police officer must accompany the cashier. You must have a weapons license to buy knives, even if you are an adult, but if you are accompanied by someone older than 22-24, you can buy knives. Also, there will be no way to sell weapons on selling sites like Amazon. There shall be no weapons on any selling sites, and if the company tries, both the company and/or the buyer will get fined/jailed/shutdown, depending how deadly the product is, if the product is banned in their country, and/or if anyone buys the product. Not even a partly full knife block will be sold on sites like Amazon.

My last solution is that You must have a weapons license. The Canadian government has put the legal age for a weapons for 18, but I think that the legal age for a weapon should be 22-24 because they are older and they are probably out of school. The reason why you need to be out of school is because I’m trying to limit the amount of deaths by teens and most teens are in school. Though teens are not teens when they are 18, they still have a teenish function. If you disobey this law, you will be in jail from 9 - 124 months (roughly 10 years). Also, in the article “Licensing,”  and “Firearm Users Younger than 18,” they say that teens from 12 - 17  can own a rifle, a rifle! Their own rifle given strait to them by gouvernement. Not their parents rifle, THEIR rifle! That I find dangerous. I can understand if it's for hunting, but not for shooting competitions! Yes, they give tens guns for shooting competitions! They should scrap all that and not let average teens get weapons in any way!   

Teens think they know everything, but hey don’t. Just because you can be trusted or someone is being so mean, they shouldn't be able to obtain weapons. No matter what grades they may have, or their record, kids and teens should not be able to obtain weapons in any way (Except if they are knives  and they are in use of cooking).


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