Friday, 31 March 2017

Sojourner Truth: A sojourner who speaks the truth.

Here is my black history recount writing:

USA, 1797-1817
 As I start work being a slave, the next second my brother is gone! Is he okay? Is he hurt? No, he was traded! Next thing I know is that I’m on a podium and someone buys me… uh oh!
Isabella “Belle” Baumfree

New York, 1826
 I CAN’T believe that John Dumont or should I say Suemont (cause I want to sue him) said I have to stay one extra year! He evened promised! Now that I think about it, I should of pinkie promised so if he broke the promise, I could chop his pinkie off! Well I’m leaving! I’m escaping this place, and no one can stop me!
Isabella  “Belle” Baumfree

New York City, June 1st, 1843
 I head down to the ferry, thinking about what God told me, “Go east”. People thought I was crazy. Anyways, I ran into this lady who asked me “What's your name?” I wanted to start a new life, a new beginning. I didn’t like my slave name, so I called myself Sojourner. Then she asked me  my second name. I thought and thought. Then I thought of Truth, so I said Truth, Sojourner Truth. Then I got on the ferry and went east thinking “A new life awaits me!”
Sojourner Truth

Akron, Ohio, 1851
 Wow! I got to speak at the convention. Well it’s time to say it all:
I have plowed and planted and gathered into barns and no man could hear me- and ain’t I a woman? I could  work as much and eats as much as much as a man and bear the leash as well- and ain’t I a woman? I have borne children and seen all sold into slavery and when I cried out a mother's grief, none but Jesus heard me- and ain’t I a woman? I felt nervous when I saw no one cheering or clapping, but then all of a sudden everyone started clapping and cheering loudly. I’m glad I did the speech.
Sojourner Truth

November 26, Michigan 1883
 Today is my death day, doctor said so, so I might as well go. Been nice to see this beautiful world. I don’t want you to remember me as “that slave who escaped”. I don’t want you to remember me as the best person on earth. This will probably be my last journal entry. Whoever finds my journal, please cherish it and pray, pray, pray always. I want you to remember me as Sojourner truth: A sojourner who speaks the truth. And a brilliant life lesson that helped me throughout my life is:
It’s worth a try!
Sojourner Truth

Sojourner Truth was a slave since birth. She has been sold to many places and mistreated a lot. Then the government made a law so all slaves born before 1800 shall be free by 1827. Her owner said she could leave a year before but then she hurt herself and had to stay an extra year. She was so mad she escaped! Then in 1843, a lady asked for her name. Her slave name was Isabella Baumfree, but she didn't like that name, so she called herself Sojourner Truth. Then she did her "Ain't I a woman?!" speech. Then she tried a project called "Twenty acres and a Mule," but it didn't work, But in the end, she somewhat got what she wanted, And that's the story of Sojourner Truth: a sojourner who speaks the truth.

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